Viehhandlung Pfanzelt has also been an EU assembly centre since 5 February 1997, exporting breeding stock to several EU and third countries. Since then, exporting in-calf heifers and young cows has become another area in which the company has specialised.

The unique feature of our livestock services is that the customer can select the animals themselves right on the farm so that the buyer can be sure of the origin, husbandry and feeding of each individual animal. In this way, selections can always be made customised to the customer’s requirements.

As soon as we have planned the export of the animals, they are collected from the various farms by our ultramodern livestock transporters and taken to the EU assembly centre in Spangenberg, where they can be fed and, if necessary, milked. The export of the animals is overseen by an official veterinarian who examines the animals and issues the appropriate certificate.