Welcome to the cattle company Pfanzelt
The cattle company was established by Thomas and Anja Pfanzelt on 1. September 1990.Over the years the company has grown more and become a reliable partner in all areas (pigs, cattle and calves)  for  farms and also slaughterhouses. On 5. February 1997 the company got the admission to the EU-loading station and for that reason we can offer the export of breeding cattle in different European- and also Third Countries. With the help of this website you should have the possibility to receive an impression about the company and services.
We look forward to your visit to our website!
Since 01.02.2017 the livestock business Jürgen Obermann, Uslar has passed into the Thomas Pfanzelt Viehhandel GmbH. This means that we are also present in the Lower Saxony area.